Monday, June 25, 2007

Camping Trip on Bowen Island

Well we made it home and managed to keep all our arms and legs. We did encounter our fair share of difficulties but in the end it was all very worth it. We left Vancouver early friday morning, the weather was good and our spirits were high. We were very excited to be getting away from the city for a while. We decided earlier in the week that we were going to do our hiking trip on bowen island because we had heard alot of good things about it. So we caught the Bus to the ferry terminal and just caught the ferry in time. We arrived on the island at about three or so and decided that we had plenty of time before sundown so we should start out. We decided to hike out Mt Collins first. This proved difficult because we didnt look for a trail, which there wasnt one anyway. So we made our own trail through the bush. Half climbing and half hiking we lugged our very heavy packs up the side of the mountain. This is alot harder than it sounds. We slowly got used to out packs but they never got any lighter. They tended to feel heavier as the day went on. We were near the top when the sun started to set and decided to camp on a flat mossy rock face that rose out of the woods. With our fire lit we were soon very comfortable. In the morning things were not so good. Melanie became very ill and could not move. This was very scary because we were about four hours hike from any civilized parts and there was no trail... it was a tough hike down. After a few hours of some serious uncomfort and a little projectile vomiting she was feeling much better. We took our chance and made our descent back towards the village. I was carrying all the weight in my pack so it was probably the hardest climb down I have ever done. Fresh water and fresh food. We were ready for more... we figured we should find a trail. A really crappy info map informed us of a trail leading around mount Gardner. Twice as high as mount collins, but we figured we could handle it lol. So we made camp at its base in a beautiful ravine with a mountain stream flowing right past. Everything was so over grown with moss and ferns it was crazy. the next day we made our way up the very difficult trail. 2408 ft above the sea we hiked until we couldnt anymore. Coming down the other side we camped on an amazing cliff and saw an amazing sunset over the mountains and endless ocean. We had a crazy wind storm for about 45 minutes right at dark, we considered moving camp but it quickly subsided. The next morning we finished our hike down the other side and came back into civilization. we were offered a ride back to town by a really nice local. We were pn the ferry on the way home by three oclock. That was earlier this morning. I just put up an album of pictures related to all the things in here. More are coming

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