Sunday, May 3, 2009

Travels have come to a Close. For now.

So I have finally settled back in Canada. My city of choice this time is Victoria! I am currently living in a cheep high-rise with a great few of downtown the ocean and the Washington mountains beyond. I have not stopped long but already miss being on the road. Life is easier on the road thats for sure. Here there is money and work and north america always depresses me a little bit. After seeing so many amazing ways to live ours seems wrong in many ways. Everyone seems so caught up in there situations, whatever they may be, that they have trouble stopping and remembering how lucky we are to have everything. Our homeless live better and have more money than the average indonesian family, something is deffinetly wrong with the world. Anyways I look forward to enjoying the west coast and the familiarity of home while it lasts.

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