Friday, January 15, 2010

Dongguan, China

Hello everyone, The Chinese government has blocked facebook because protesters have been using it to show Chinese brutality, or so the story goes. Getting around it wasn’t hard but it doesn’t work that well. China Has been great, I'm teaching at an EF again here. I have tons of spare time and this city is definitely interesting. Dongguan in business is know as the factory of the world, the majority of Chinese exports move through here in some way. There are thousands of factories closer to the city limits. Living downtown I don't see them but you always know they are there. The majority of the corporate offices in the city are here to help support the huge number of factories.

The city has a good amount of culture even though it is very new and modern; by new I mean it has only been developing in this way for 20-30 years. Before that it was just a little town. Now there are app. 9 million people living here and 7 million of them have immigrated from different parts of China!! Imagine the Culture. All of china's different ethnic groups and ancient traditions sandwiched into a huge modern city. Its pretty wild! I have been taking photo's left right an centre since I got here and recently upgraded to a D90. I still have my Nikon D50 but I am outgrowing it. If I ever want to do professional photography I realized I would have to upgrade. So far I have managed to explore the back streets of a few major districts but the majority of the city still lays untouched by me. I cant wait to continue exploring this city, the opportunities are endless.

For Chinese New year (mid feb.) we get 4 days off so we will be traveling to Shaoguan, Guangdong so that we can explore Danxia Mountain. Hopefully do some hiking and camping. I definitely need a break from the city life, I can only last so long with Nature. Hope everyone is doing well at home. I will try to keep you all posted!

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