Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ottawa Summer

Being home in Ottawa this summer has been alot of fun. I have been back for about 4 months now and have been spending most of my weekends in the country with my family. I have to enjoy it while it lasts because I know I will eventually be leaving to travel again and every time I leave I never really know how long I will be gone.  My mothers house where I grew up is located on the Rideau river about 30 minutes from my place in downtown Ottawa. I still find it so bizarre how everything can be just the same here after being gone. After seeing so many things and so many places I return and everything is just the same. I have changed so much and yet when I'm home it seems like it might have all been a dream. While traveling I sometimes I wonder if I had ever done anything but travel and that maybe my life in Canada was just a dream. I can only imagine what it would be like to travel like this a hundred years ago when we didn't have Internet or phones. People who traveled might have truly started to believe that there other life was just a dream and maybe even start to forget.

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