Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Deaprting for India, Nepal, Tibet and who knows where else...

I will be spending the next year or two travelling through India, Nepal and Tibet. I depart from Ottawa January 31st flying to Bangalore in southern India.The next 5 months will be spent making my way north through india, than likely a few months in nepal and on to tibet for a couple more months. After that its back to nepal/india or maybe somewhere else, but that is a year away so no point worrying about it now. I will be documenting what I see as best I can through photos, film, and stories. Im not sure where this adventure will take me or what I will experience but than again when do we ever really know whats ahead in life. I plan to travel as unconventionally as possible and get right into the culture at street level, as I have done in the past. If you are interested in travelling off the beaten path and seeing raw real culture and experience than this might be something you are interested in. So stay tuned for what will likely be the best trip of my life thus far.

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  1. Hey, hows your trip going?? Do anything cool yet? Email home soon talk to you later