Saturday, November 5, 2011

West Coast Adventures

Robin Got some great shots.
 check out his blog to see them
 So I have been back in Canada for a few months and have been spending the fall travelling around Vancouver and when lucky going on trips. My brother has a car which makes getting out of the city a lot easier and makes hard to get to places more of an option. So I have seeing a lot of amazing places this fall. The First trip we took was to Mt. Baker in Washington In early September. Me Jeanette Rob and Nici all went down to Washington for the day and trekked a pretty long circuit through the mountain and valleys near Mount Baker.

I really love this glacier.

Nicci and Jea. Mount Baker in the distance.
In late September the four of us took another trip down to the Olympic national Park in Washington. We camped for a few days and did some hiking in the mountains. From the top of the ridge we could see the olympic mountains looking south, looking north we could see victoria across the water and looking east Mt. Baker was clearly visible.

Clear Skies of Olympic National Park.
Robin Getting a view from the top

Most of my free time in October has been spent wandering the beaches and forests on the edge of Vancouver which is as far as I can go on my days off. I have been getting used to my new Camera (Canon 60d) and have been out taking photos with my friend James, who is also a great photographer and has a great photography blog.

 I am currently working on a video project for these west coast adventures but my time is limited because of work so it might be a while. Here are some photos from the last month around Vancouver.

Took this shot while I was out doing time lapses the other day near UBC. The time lapse of this is Awesome. 

Museum of Anthropology UBC

Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Park

Old growth in Lighthouse Park

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