Friday, June 8, 2012


With three weeks of work left and only a couple months left in Canada I have been spending a lot of time preparing all my gear for my next trip. Im getting more an more excited about this summer and the journey to come afterwards. My plans are still the same as before, fly into Bali, Indonesia on the 28th of August, Likely spend a few months there roaming around Bali and trying to see some of its incredible culture. I'm really looking forward to being there with my camera, I have so many ideas for making short films and documentaries.  The slider system I built is finally finished and it should allow me to shoot both video and timelapes. I've done some test packing and everything I own still fits nicely into my one bag which is surprising because I feel like I picked up a lot of new things since I arrived here(slider and steadicam being the to biggest heaviest things). I'm not bringing my tent on this trip and maybe not my guitar as well so that has lightened the load a bit. After Bali its on to Malaysia and than thailand and Burma I think. Burma sounds really interesting, never been, but I here good things.

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