Monday, June 30, 2008

Backpacking south-east Asia

I am currently backpacking through southeast asia, for anyone interested in where I am and what I am doing I will try to regularly post pictures and say where I am. I may be out of contact from internet for periods of time but I will do my best to find it where I can. My plan for the moment is to continue north into central asia. I started in Indonesia and after visiting Borobodur flew to Southern Malaysia and headed north. I am now at the Thailand border and plan to take a train to Bangkok (Thai Capital) tomorrow. I am hoping to head north into northern Thailand and as much of Thailand as possible. I am hoping to find an opportunity to volunteer or work in Thailand. If there are no opportunities I will continue into Cambodia and then to Vietnam, Laos China, Mongolia, Nepal, India.... for now thats as far as I can see. I have no set deadlines concerning when and where. I am having a great time as it is and am learning alot from the world. I am not sure what opportunities will present themselves in this adventure but I will take them as they come. I am eager to prolong my journey as much as possible because I am very happy doing this. I want to keep contact with those back home when ever I can. I wish everyone peace and love and I hope your journeys and experiences in life right now are as beautiful and fulfilling as my own.

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