Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back in Indo!

So we have arrived back in Indonesia. In Bali!!! We met up with some friends (Julie and Cass) on the north coast and spent some time exploring some water falls and temples. Sights by day cheap Arak on the beach and guitar by night. The rum is cheaper than the soda. making our way along the coast we head over to the gili Islands. Our group seems to be growing, we meet up with some of our friends friends who have been here chasing the waves for a few weeks already. We also met a guy germany named Kai who was a friend at once.

After a few days in the Gilis we spent some time exploring Lombok and than headed back to Bali. In the capital Denpasar we met up with a new friend of ours Gede from Bali. He was a really cool and down to earth guy and was managing a local band that one of his family nephews was in. The three young guys in the band age 16-20 were really great. They had some amazing original songs and played some great covers. I helped them out by doing a photo shoot so that they would have some photos for publicity.

After Denpasar we headed into Ubud in central bali to meet up with Kai whom we had met in Central Bali. We had some good times exploring the Island by motorbike with him.

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