Friday, August 29, 2008

Borders, buses, boats and back aches

Its getting dark in the back of an old Thai bus as we make our way through the northern mountains to the Laos border on the Mekong river. The sunsets on the mountains, beautiful pink and red light illuminates the clouds from every angle. The bus seems to be barely making it up these bumpy roads and I'm growing tired of the ride as we have been riding buses since nine in the morning. Darkness falls and the stars appear. Starring up at the foreign constellations I reflect on the journey. My mind wanders between Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, family, friends. It feels like I have never done anything but what I am doing now, but still it only been a couple months.

We arrive at our destination, The border closes at 6 PM and we have arrived hours late. We stay the night in a guest house for about 5 dollars and cross in the morning. Arriving on the other side of the Mekong river we pull our heavy packs out of the long Asian boats and head up the hill towards immigration. Apparently it is more expensive to enter Lao if you are Canadian, more than almost any other Nationality. 42 American dollars, a few confusing photocopy's, and about 5 immigration stamps later we stand in Laos, one of the top most undeveloped countries in the World.

More buses, Beautiful Mountains, crazy landslides, hill tribe settlements, and incredible mountain side farming. The ride to Luang Nam Tha in northern Laos was definitely an eventful one. Here for the moment taking a breather after all the bumpy bus rides. Hoping to take in some of the beautiful scenery tomorrow.

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