Thursday, September 23, 2010


To travel is human.

 Everyone longs to see the world and experience the wonders it holds. We all seek to remember and understand what our ancestors knew long ago. How to be intouch with nature and remember that we too are just another species in the evolutionary chain. We are linked to the earth in ways that we can only begin to comprehend. Ninety nine percent of our history as a species was spent on this earth as nomadic hunter gathers, always moving and living in step with the natural world. Only in the past ten thousand years have we suddenly stopped moving as a result of the agricultural revolution. Over the course of the past few thousand years, mainly the past few hundred years, we have managed to totally sever our connection with nature. And yet there is still within us all there an ancient desire to move like we once did because its in our nature. To know the the world is to know ones self. I believe that the great emptiness felt by most in the modern world is there lack of understanding of their true place on this earth. We have forgotten that we came from nature and we no longer understand how to relate to the natural world we live in.

Travel is the great reunion, the return to what is most natural. To once again move as a free being through the world and experience life as it is. To be at one with the universe, the moment,  with god, everything and nothing. Travel is not about the destination, the essence of travel is in the journey itself. Travel for me is life, it is my purpose. Always moving like a river flowing to the sea, only to fall as rain and return again. I will walk on the earth like our ancestors did and seek to remember what was lost in time.

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