Monday, March 14, 2011

Near death experience

We are in the mountains of Tamil Nadu in the south. We will be leaving he today to go to trichy, another city in the state of tamil nadu. 3 years sure goes by fast... makes me miss family. I have a couple of videos of our travels which I will be uploading soon and also some more photos. We have been having alot of fun and staying safe except for one experience. Likely the most near death experience of our lives. We were camping up in the mountains and no one told us there were wild bison and that they are dangerous. As soon as dark came a herd of bison started coming down the mountain toward us and the bull (8 feet tall waying anywhere up to 3300 pounds!! "WIKI") was not happy that we were there and he was protecting his family. Nothing like deer or moose, our fire and lights didnt deter him. He came straight for our camp destroying stumps with his huge head and horns as he came. When he was about 30 feet away we hid in the tent. The fire was low so we could just barely see them. The bull came to about ten feet infront of our tent and just stood there staring at the tent, Making lots of noise and pawing the ground. You cant even imagine the sound of this thing breathing and moving. He stayed infront of our tent like that for 30-45 minutes while the herd moved past. We could see out our tent but he couldn't see us. So we watched in complete silence terrified. We knew that any sound or movment would provoke him to charge so we didnt move a muscle. The longest 45 minutes of my life. After the herd past he stayed anothr 10-15 minutes watching and than turned and continued down the mountain. That night we packed up and left the forest. Upon arriving in the village near by a woman told us that people had recently been killed by bison but that the leopards were likely more dangerous!!!!! we didnt even know there were leopards!! anyways long story short, we are going to do our camping in "dangerous wildlife free zones" from now on and make sure we read up and ask the locals about the area before camping. Also turns out that bison are one of the largest land mamals, only smalled than elephants and rhinos and the Indian bison(or gaur) are the largest and most dangerous of all bison. 4th largest land mamal. So we are very lucky to have lived. If we had stood our ground and attempted to intimidate him we would definetly have been killed, but we made it so we have learned some valuable lessons. I will send another message when I upload any photos/videos.

love you all, talk to you soon.

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