Monday, October 1, 2012

The Misty Peaks of the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

The Cameron Highlands have a unique tropical highland climate. We Spent many days hiking through the cool wet jungles exploring the incredible diversity of flora and fauna.

The mountain tops are thick with hanging mosses, mist and a variety of carnivorous plants. Down in the main valley there are large tea plantations.
After a week of exploring the lower jungles and tea plantations we decided to climb mount Brinchang. The Trail climbs steeply up the mountain side through dense jungle and is very muddy at some points. While climbing we often got views through the mist of the endless jungle covered mountains to the west.  We reached the top after a few hours of climbing and got great views. The most interesting part though is the forests that grow on the top. Incredible ancient moss covered old growth forests perpetually in the clouds. A true cloud forest.

Tea Plantaion

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